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Report It!

If you see something happening on campus that you know is outside school code of conduct, or if it is something that makes you feel unsafe- report it right away. We all have to help keep this a safe and happy place.

Click here to report

Resources for you

Here at LAC we are committed to keep this campus safe for all students. We have an on campus security officer overnight to ensure student safety, we also offer a reporting app called STOPit where students can report things they may notice. All resources help us ensure we are making LAC the safest campus that it can be.

To learn more about the STOPit app and functions 

Click Here

On-campus Security

Living Arts College has an overnight security officer on grounds to ensure the safety of our students and residents even during the night. 

Hours of operation:

24 hours 

Phone Number:


  • Check-in and verify all guests coming into the SmartSuites facility or campus facility

  • Perform routine safety rounds of the campus and dorms 

  • Offer support to residents should a security, safety, or mechanical issue arise

  • Monitor safety camera footage to ensure safety of all areas

  • Write up safety reports at the end of every shift to report to President of the college and Student Services Department

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