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I invite you to discover
the penalty of leadership
in these digital times

... and be rewarded beyond your imagination!

You have arrived to discover a no risk, high rewards

pathway to success in the film and media studio arts ... if you qualify being advantaged
+ You have access to three proven income streams:
     - Cash based 8 week modules for media arts
     - Media streaming studio serving area corporate
     - Event Center
     - Post production
Find the rewards and the requirements here. Make application for high rewards ... funded by a forward plan.


Roger Klietz

Founder & Creative Director
Living Arts College

The Back Story


Pardon this note, but I just had to do it ...
Your recent visit to our campus resonated with me in a most profound way. You see, I make a practice of prayer as a part of a personal mantra that in itself seems to work me in times of uncertainty. That mantra is, "An impossible problem seeks the gift of a creative solution". And, I add in, "Prayer is never an after action, but is an asset ready to support the creative mind. Now, what follows is an early, but connected, creative vision that might spark conversation.. That vision forecasts what might be a new chapter of worth between Akshaya Patra USA , its allied principals and Living Arts, the College and an entire community of creativity professionals.

Executive Summary ... 

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