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My Housing Application Details

Arranging for SmartSuites housing is a simple step by step process


Think "early" is your first step
SmartSuites is the green on-campus housing option. With all LED lighting, high efficiency individual unit HVAC, sound absorbing no paint carpeted public walls and 20 camera plus security; this is place to call home. Occupancy is limited to those who will complete all application steps Yes, take step 1 below early.

1  Submit housing application
Student Services is the go-to office once the student has completed all qualifying steps following program application and is on the way to be accepted to a program of study. Find the housing application here.

2  SmartSuites costs explained
Review application and occupancy cost schedule below. Pay careful attention to pre-confirmation and confirmation timetables mentioned. After reviewing the numbers and timetable below complete review.

Schedule for private bedroom in dual occupancy suite 


3  Understand Monthly rent & other possible charges
$689 monthly due in full 1st of month. Late charge $35 is applied on 6th of month if rent is not paid by 5th of month.

$400 security | maintenance | processing fee due with first year housing application. Subsequent, additional year housing application begins with a $125 processing fee.


If any of the monthly late charge, security violation, housekeeping, and/or maintenance charges listed below are incurred, the $400 fee will be charged. account must be replenished. Security and/or maintenance charges incurred must be paid in full by the 5th day of the following month following. A special late charge of $35 will be incurred. This late charge is separate from any tuition or other student account late charge. This special late charge will be repeated monthly until the $400 account has been made whole.

All charges listed bellow have been incurred during a current period, separate from move out recovery or security charges. 
Monthly Lease Security charge schedule $35 (LC_1)
- $35 late charge due 6th of following month

Housekeeping Recovery Expected $50 first citation (HNI_1)
- $50 Housekeeping fee applied (with or without actual housekeeping service) for any suite area cited as "Housekeeping-Needs-Improvement (HNI_1). This fee may be cited individually to one or both occupants of a suite.


Housekeeping Recovery Expected $50 second citation (HNI_2)
- $100 Housekeeping fee applied (with or without actual housekeeping service) for any suite area cited as "Housekeeping-Needs-Improvement (HNI_2). This fee may be cited individually to one or both occupants of a suite.

Wall or surface other noted damage $30 per hour staff (WND_1) .. or actual amount plus 20% when incurred using vendor assistance .

Furniture damage (not wear and tear) actual replacement cost plus 20% (FDA_1)

Door or entry or unregistered occupants (over 2 hours) per event $30 (OTH_1)

Other as may be stated
... subject to discovery by staff or as reported. Amount will be based on actual vendor charges an staff chargers. A detailed Invoice will be prepared.

All amounts above are due plus any required sales tax.


Special Drug and/or smoking charge ... may result if the Office of Provost under advice of staff or related, discovers drug or smoking violation. As a result of declaration by the Office of Provost, the entire $400 security | maintenance | processing fee account will be the full $400 amount. Replenishment of this account begins the following month.

SmartSuites fee schedule

SmartSuites funding

How does one budget SmartSuites amounts due?


4  - Planning housing funding, the Admissions Officer works closely with the Financial Assistance Office (FAO) in prompting early planning for SmartSuites occupancy. Some students discover usual financial aid does not cover housing costs. However, there are options ranging personal funding via Sallie May private funding to part time job options.

5 - Getting started payment(s) due:
- $50 housing application fee due within 10 to 30 days begin the confirmation process. Early payment may shorten processing time.
- $400 fee is due with loan funding ... usually limited to PLUS loan or Sallie Mae private loan. Cash payers may wish to complete payment within a stated period to advance confirmation.

6 - A usual one year lease agreement will be made available for signing follow $50 payment receipt.

What comes with a confirmed SmartSuites suite?

What's to look for?


First, SmartSuite tenants won't need a key. All suite entry is made using a digital door pad code. SmartSuites building entrance is accessed using a digital fob. Each fob is tuned to each user. As a result each user is recorded "in" when using his/her ID'd fob. Don't lose your fob as a replacement will cost $16.00. It should be requested through Student Services. Allow time for reencoding the fob system with your 

A rather complete living area
At the entrance living area you'll find a comfortable sofa, a comfort chair for relaxing, a table with two chairs for dining, small accent table, and a full size TV with satellite reception. High speed wireless is included.

The associated kitchen provides a lot of cabinet space for sharing between roommates. Find a full size dishwasher, full size fridge with freezer space, and of course a sink for cleaning dishes and preparing your wonderful meals. You or your roommate may have already have furnished the microwave. We'll hope to get you two in contact closer to move-in.

Each private bedroom will come equipped with a twin bed with a new mattress protector provided upon move-in, a full wardrobe for clothes, a desk and desk chair perfect for completing your homework and assignments!

Each suite has its own electrical power panel and a dedicated air conditioning/heating system with thermostat. Look for comfort in the air!


What to bring at move-in ...


- Bedding (for a twin size frame, maybe mattress toper if you prefer "soft"

- Clothes
- Toiletries & shower essentials
- Cleaning supplies (yes, there is a broom closet)
- Microwave (make sure you clean inside top and side walls to prevent burnout)
- Cooking items with no open flames - George Forman is great
- Nails, hooks for hanging fixtures, for ha
- Dish washer pods (if you plan to use built in dishwasher)

- Comfort items to make you feel at home :)
- Wash machine powder or pods

Setting up a SmartStuite | What to bring

What to leave at home


- Pets (arrange for your service animal at an off campus site)
- Lighters (no smoking -- none!)
- Weapons
- Candles (plug in air fresheners are ok)

- Strip lights (absolutely none)
- Cooking items with open flame

- Nails, hooks for hanging fixtures, pictures, decor

Setting up a SmartStuite | What NOT to bring

Administrative Check List for Student Services Serving On-Campus Students

  • Will Living Arts College help me find a job?
    Professional Services provides resources and programming to empower Living Arts College students and alumni with the knowledge and essential skills to fulfill their professional goals. We develop networks with the local and regional creative communities. Through the delivery of workshops, career advising, alumni mentorship, and competency-based experiential education, we strive to provide an environment that nurtures individual creativity, drive and professional practice.
  • When is graduation?
    2022 SUMMER - 9-10-2022 2022 FALL - 12-14-2022 2023 WINTER - 3-22-2023 2023 SPRING - 6-15-2023 2023 SUMMER - 9-9-2023
  • When are student breaks?
    PRE-SUMMER 2022 - 6-17-2022 – 6-28-2022 PRE-FALL 2022 - 9-10-2022 – 9-25-2022 PRE-WINTER 2023 - 12-14-2022 – 1-8-2023 PRE-SPRING 2023 - 3-22-2023 – 4-2-2023 PRE-SUMMER 2023 - 6-15-2023 – 6-28-2023
  • When do classes start?
    2022 SUMMER - 6-29-2022 – 9-9-2022 2022 FALL - 9-26-2022 – 12-13-2022 2023 WINTER - 1-9-2023 – 3-21-2023 2023 SPRING - 4-3-2023 – 6-14-2023 2023 SUMMER - 6-29-2023 – 9-8-2023
  • What do I have to know about budgeting for my CREATIVITY TOOLS?
    As a future creativity professional in all degree programs, consider budgeting a beginning camera set and other possible tools. One might consider a BASIC set or CORE set as described below. A BASIC set will be adequate for all Essential Studies. BASIC + DSLR or fixed zoom lens (preferred) still camera with 1080p video. Minolta MN35Z is an excellent choice, about $201+tax + Class 10 SD extra memory card, about $10+tax ... perhaps + Camera bag ... Case Logic DCB-304 small $18+tax or Amazon Basics large bag $28+tax News: Find a very basic 4K still/video camera on Amazon $100+tax! CORE + Varied selection of fixed zoom lens cameras with 1080p video offered by Sony, Panasonic, Minolta and Canon. + Add lens UV (protection) filter, SD memory card and reader, camera bag and tripod. Good buys at Amazon. Consider select used models on Amazon to ease your budget. Your adviser can connect you for added help.
  • How might I report a needed repair?
    Plan to go online to submit a ticket request. If you do not have the access URL, visit Student Services asking to be trained on using the ticket reporting system. And, oh yes, do ask for help on your current need.
  • Funds Verification
    The I-20 is a document that is issued by Living Arts college under authority by the U.S. government. It is used to certify that a student has been admitted to a full time study
  • English Proficiency
    If your first language is not English, you must demonstrate competence in the English language. This requirement can be satisfied if you: • Attended a high school in the United States • Have a diploma from a secondary school in a system in which English is the official language of instruction • Completed standardized test (SAT, ACT, or GRE) evidencing English comprehension • Completed one or more years of postsecondary education at an English-speaking institution If none of the above applies to you, you must meet acceptable proof of English Language Proficiency standard through one of the following options: FOR ASSOCIATE AND BACHELOR DEGREE PROGRAMS You must present one: Level 110 certificate of completion of ELS coursework Official documentation from another accredited ESL program where you have completed an equivalent college-level English language program An official minimum score on one of the following English proficiency exams: 61 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) internet-based (iBT) 6.0 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) A raw score of 66 and an adjusted score of 81 on the Michigan Test of English Proficiency (MTEP) FOR BACHELOR DEGREE COMPLETION PROGRAMS You must present one: Level 112 certificate of completion of ELS coursework Official documentation from another accredited ESL program where you have completed an equivalent college-level English language program An official minimum score on one of the following English proficiency exams: 79 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) internet-based (iBT) 6.5 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) We are also partnered with ELS Educational Services and can provide conditional admission for students who are academically qualified, but who don’t meet our English language proficiency requirements at the time of application. To learn more about this program, locations, start dates and how to apply, visit or email
  • Passport
    All international visitors to the U.S. are required to have valid passports. As a student, you must have a current passport, valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the U.S.
  • I-20 Information Form
    The I-20 Information Form is where we get the information we need to create your I-20. It is important you fill out the form using your legal name (as it appears on your passport) and a permanent address for you, located outside of the United States. Each of our campus degree programs has its own I-20 Information Form. Access to the form for your program will be emailed to you upon acceptance.
  • Proof of High School Graduation/High School Evaluation
    You must provide documentation of your high school graduation or passing GED scores prior to starting a program. If you completed high school in another country, a copy of your official transcripts and/or diploma must be submitted with an English translation, if not already in English. If you graduated from a high school outside of the United States, you must have your academic credentials assessed by an International Foreign Credentials Evaluation service, like SpanTran. The evaluation must show that your credential is equivalent to graduation from an accredited U.S. high school. Detailed instructions on how to order an evaluation will be emailed to you upon acceptance.
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