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Meeting the Challenge UPDATE


Raleigh Campus
Completing your education on
campus or online as a transfer student

Completing the creative arts education you started at Living Arts may now be aided as a transfer student. Full Sail University, working with Living Arts, has set up an expedited process to explore Full Sail on campus and online options. A dedicated team at Full Sail has setup a phone hotline for one-on-one assistance. You'll want to make immediate contact for assistance. Prepare by having your most recent grade transcript in hand. An electronic version will be most helpful.

Bonus. Ask Full Sail about a virtual campus tour.

Get help, get started today ...

Make a hotline call to
or, eMail

Get your connection to Laura Zaryski at Full Sail who will assist you. Plan to review Full Sail options for study on-campus in Florida or online. Questions? Contact Courtney Jacobson via email to:


Located in Winter Park, Florida, Full Sail University offers campus and online degree programs that are designed for the world of entertainment media and emerging technology. Full Sail’s creative approach to education provides an immersive, fast-paced, and relevant learning experience that mirrors the work-flow and collaboration found throughout today’s rapidly evolving industries.  To learn more about transfer opportunities, contact us at 866.622.5838 or

High Point Campus & Medical Arts Students
Completing your education at a local institution

Completing your medical arts education at Living Arts may be aided by making contact with the institutions listed below.

Medical Assisting
ECPI Greensboro

Make a call to senior admissions representative Tony Leaonard 376.544.4304
Plan to have your most recent grade transcript available. Contact Heather Richardson or Courtney Jacobson for assistance.

Massage Therapy
Guilford Community College has taken special steps to offer admissions assistance to program here.

Make contact with them.

Questions? Contact Courtney Jacobson via email to:

Added help ...
Plan on taking advantage of the assistance offered above. The College has over many years contributed to both a bond and tuition fund managed by the North Carolina Community College system. At the Federal level find the Loan Discharge Application for school closure at:

The Back Story

President's letter to the community, December 9, 2022

Dear Friends,

It is with an overwhelming feeling of emotion that I must now confirm that Living Arts will end all program classes this month, December 2022. All program delivery has come to an end.

This is not a decision made by the College. Instead it is an action forced on several schools accredited by ACICS. The Secretary of Education under the Biden administration has issued provisional rules that has made it financially impossible to continue operations. 


Plan to visit and the Challenge UPDATE tab explaining the divisive actions taken by the Department of Education in attacking schools.


Staff has worked diligently toward students completing their program of study at other respected institutions. Living Arts sought toteach out programs, but was denied any trusted funding  Nothing can be guaranteed as DOE has simply not cooperated in responding to our weeks of requesting help for students. Do note, however that our site page does provide study options worthy of follow up by present students.


As difficult as it is, I pray that all members of the school community find a positive way forward.

Roger Klietz

President & Creative Director

Living Arts College


Sharing a story that should have never happened

Founded over 30 years ago ... Living Arts first graduating class of five students sent three to California to work on the first Star Wars digital series. A new era in digital art education was born.


Today, a destructive US Department of Education led by the Biden administration has dictated that Living Arts (and several other schools) must cease operations. This is a story that should never have happened in America. Plan to read the story below.

The Back Story

This website page would not exist today if we could somehow have predicted that the ill practices of government in 2016 would repeat in 2022. 

The actions of 2016 reported opposite are far less cruel than the damages delivered in 2022 by the Biden administration to no-fault performing institutions.

Plan to follow story updates to be posted that is destroying valued communities of schools, students, faculty, and staff nation wide.

Return to 2016 to understand a government body ready to bring all of education under a central delivery authority - Published September 16, 2016 by Indianapolis Star online


If you want to know why people in business hate government, look at the Obama administrations shutdown of ITT Technical Institute.

Wait, you might say, ITT Educational Services, Inc. voluntarily ceased operations as its financial condition became untenable.

Yes, that's true. Before that, though, the government made it impossible for ITT to do business, and then washed its hands, basically saying, "we'll see what happens." while knowing exactly what was going to happen.

The Obama administration killed ITT without acknowledging what it was doing, making it the latest for-profit trophy college in a case that also includes Corinthian Colleges and Brown Macki College. That's why people who are sympathetic to business - consider the governments handling of ITT to be cynical and disingenuous.

Obama administration rushed to close ITT, then shrugged

Obama broadens 2016 attack and fails

In 2016 the Obama administration began the process of challenging 100 year old accredtor ACICS who makes Financial Aid available. Forward to 2019 and Living Arts and other institutions were then forced to find new accredtor. SOLUTION! TRUMP WAS ELECTED AND REVERSED ALL OBAMA ACICS REGULATIONS in 2019 AND RETURNED LIVING ARTS TO HEALTH. Is was too late to assist ITT and they closed.


Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools

Biden Administration repeats ACICS attack & adds impossible demands on ACICS schools

August 19th ACICS Financial Aid
recognition removed

August 25th Department of Education announces burdens on all ACICS schools

READ the impossible demands placed on all ACICS schools ... to retain Financial Aid for students. 
+ No programs not completing by February 2024 can be offered ... this simply means Living Arts is prohibited from offering any Raleigh campus degree program. Similarly, High Point campus cannot start programs that cannot complete by the 2024 date above.

+ All ACICS schools must post a Letter of Credit to be to continue receipt of Financial Aid for students. Living Arts was assigned $377,727 amount subject to ... the LOC amount can be taken by Department of Education at their discretion for any reason. 

How does the above
impact students, faculty & staff?

Living Arts College proposed in October and November that the Department of Education fund existing students to complete studies. On November 29th, 2022 DOE responded saying that is would cease funding if the College did not begin to post the LOC (see above). Living Arts had requested that any LOC include completion and release details. DOE never responded to our request. They expected the College to simply send them cash totaling $377,727. DOE ceased funding Financial Aid on Friday, December 2, without official notice. Inquiries have provided no answers.

Main campus
classes end December 13th

Living Arts College Raleigh will complete classes December 13th. This will end all scheduled program delivery. Under Federal Student Aid documentation, a school may receive 120 days of continued Financial Aid teach out support, subject to added conditions, DOE as noted above has added an LOC requirement for all ACICS institutions. Added 120 day support has been denied. Many schools, as a result, have been forced to close.

After classes terminate, for assistance contact Jo Ann Sessoms.

High Point campus
ending classes December 22nd

Living Arts College High Point will complete classes December 22nd. This will end all scheduled program delivery. Under existing Federal Student Aid documentation, a school can receive 120 days of continued Financial Aid support subject to added conditions, DOE, as noted above has added an LOC requirement for all ACICS institutions. However, 120 DAY support has been denied by DOE. Many schools, as a result, have been forced to close.

After classes end, for assistance contact Courtney Jacobson.


Living Arts College is a higher performing institution

Living Arts College meets a think-higher set of quality standards that include: 100% and near 100% for recent placement reporting for degree programs:
Animation & Game Design | Digital Filmmaking | Audio & Design | Interactive Media Design | Digital Photography | Interior Design ... with Retention at Standard and Repayment Default rate at a very respectable 6%

Discover what the Department of Education has been doing for years to drain schools in their mission to control education 


Rumor = Nonsence

What we have heard that has NO basis in fact

FACT: Raleigh campus has interested suitor who is examining site at an amount less than the cost of original construction. With remaining construction loans due bank there will be little positive return if and when an actual sale takes place.

December 13 | Campus sold?

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