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Space Planning
Interiors Staging
Sustainable/Green Design
Textiles and Materials
Space Design Concepts
Kitchen & Bath Design
Lighting Design
3D Design Foundations
Building Codes and Specifications
Extreme Creativity at Work
Client Relations

Total Interior Design

The Essential Total Interior Design Program that compleles your education 8 ways. Make a special place in the world of enhanced living through space planning, CAD, building codes and lighting design. Experience a higher understanding of the realities of space management.


STEP 1 >>

Architectural Space Planning

You will be challenged at Living Arts to grow incredible design skills. In fact, the student here moves toward a full suite of applied design competencies starting with Space Planning.


STEP 2 >>

CAD 3D & Drafting

Get beyond pen and paper and enter the world of professional Interior Design with Computer Aided Design (CAD). Extreme Creativity with CAD skills leads to success.

Interior Design

STEP 3 >>

Furnishings & Accessories

In applications such as restaurants, showrooms and medical clinics, the need to source furnishings, finishes ... even art and accessories is essential. Learn to make the right choices for success in the School of Interior Design at Living Arts College!


STEP 4 >>

Lighting Design

Basic lighting and fixtures? No. Total Interior Design includes an architectural approach to lighting design, including complex work in commercial space, exhibits, restaurants, and showrooms. Master the art of light design and continue to grow as an Interior Designer.


STEP 5 >>

Project Management

Details count. A deeper understanding of all the pieces and processes, the various textiles, covers, and finishing materials and how to bring all of it together will add to your marketable, professional worth as an Interior Designer.


STEP 6 >>

Contract & Commercial

Commercial Design, sometimes referred to as contract design, focuses on mastering space design, team coordination, early planning, and budgeting. Contract elements include purchasing furnishings and coordinating installation.


STEP 7 >>

Residential Design

Students here learn how to create solutions that go beyond the usual designs. Learn the skillset needed to go beyond just the traditional projects. Start and grow your Interior Design career to success!


STEP 8 >>

Construction & Building Codes

Building codes are necessary for safeguarding public health, safety, and welfare of occupants within a building. Unlike most Interior Design programs, Total Interior Design includes a working knowledge of the International Building Code.


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Program Features

4 Year BA Degree in 3

Your goal is our goal. We want to see you successfully starting your career in Interior Design sooner rather than later. Graduate with a bachelor's degree in three years, not four.

Industry Gear & Tech


We work with you to help plan and budget for all the monies you will need to train and then be successful landing your first job in Interior Design.

Get access to all the books, industry sofware, samples, artboards and other tools needed in the Interior Design profession.

Start Date Options

Every ten weeks a new cohort begins their classes. Pick a start date that works best for your schedule! This means that you can start with a schedule that works for you.

Portfolio Readiness

Industry Pro Faculty

Instructors are also industry professionals with years or decades of experience. We don't just teach creativity, we teach Portfolio First success as a creativity professional

At Living Arts College we teach Portfolio First success. This means that every student has a free Portfolio of their work upon graduation.