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Students at Living Arts College, North Carolina enjoy excellent options for housing. SmartSuites is the on-campus facility offering private bedroom suites. Most furnished suites offer two, single bedroom/study plus shared bath, seating/dining area and full size refrigerator, dishwasher, satellite TV, high speed Internet and HD camera staffed security. Nearby area housing options serve those not residing at SmartSuites. Student Services manages campus housing services. They may be reached by phone at 919.488.8500.

GETTING STARTED: Plan early! Student Services is your go-to source for planning your housing needs.

Your Student Services team is available for help with housing. However, you'll want to create your own "My Housing Plan" ... examining your lifestyle needs, budget, location (on or off campus), etc. As a result you'll want to connect with Student Services early following acceptance to the College.

SmartSuites is the on campus housing option offering a private bedroom/study option in a secure environment. For off campus housing you'll find a listing lower on this page.

Again, Student Services is prepared to help in your quest to develop a workable housing plan. Live contact is preferred to help build a detail profile related to your needs. Find the team at +1 919.488.8500. International students are advised, that College hours are based on New York zone time.

SmartSuites may be your best option if you apply early!

SmartSuites is on Campus. SmartSuites is an all-private bedroom/private study home away from home. SmartSuites availability is limited due to demand. SmartSuites is supported by Student Services who also facilitate Off-Campus Housing.




SmartSuites housing is limited to available space and completion of all application steps listed ... and is NOT guaranteed until all application steps are confirmed by Student Services. Students are advised that SmartSuites availability is limited and early lease application is advised.

Enrolled students may lease a two student suite with private bedroom for an academic year at the current rate of $689 per month. A single occupant suite option may be available at $789.


Housing Application begins
with these steps:

1 Read over the steps below. Plan on taking the first steps listed early to avoid future disappointment.

Prepare to complete the My Housing Application below. As a follow along to completing the application, plan to access the My Housing Details link below. 

SmartSuite housing stay is usually coordinated with tuition renewal dates throughout the program. Each My Housing Application requires a $20 processing fee payable within 30 days (or sooner, depending on start date). A first time damage deposit of $400 is also required 30 days following application. Again, plan to review My Housing Details regarding  damage deposit requrement.

2 Understand that part or all of your housing budget for qualified students may be considered after completing application to Living Arts and then completing a budget plan with the Financial Assistance Office. Your Admissions Advisor and/or staff will assist you on request. Not all students may receive housing support. Do complete all steps early to find support possibilities.


Move in guidelines

1 Lease move-in date is usually Monday preceding a usual Wednesday class start. Move-out date is usually Monday following the published program year quarter end date.


A planned Monday (or week day) move-in allows full service availability by campus staff with services to include: Student Services, Security, Bursar, Admissions, Maintenance, IT support. A Saturday move-in will incur an added fee of $75.00. 

2 Expect contact from the Student Services Office regarding your move-in and any associated details.

Plan your follow along

Again, click My Housing Details below. Learn about roommate meetup, lease and Good Neighbor handbook details. Get details on what to bring including a microwave. Even inquire about part time job assistance and much more.


Need immediate answers to questions, or details? My school day contact to Student Services at (919) 488-8500. Your Office of Campus Provost is also available. 

Understand that if you are not seeking accommodation at SmartSuites, you will want to make direct contact with your off campus options. The College has no affiliation with any off campus site, other than providing the local area listing shown below. 

Questions: Contact Student Services at 919.488.8500 or reach out to your Admissions Officer

My Housing Application : Complete now as SmartSuites availability is limited at this time


Current Mailing Address

Contact Information


School Information

Which do you consider yourself? Check all that apply.

Parents must sign if student is under 18 years old.

*Please review your responses above.
By submitting this application, I agree to give SMARTSUITES permission to use this information in making a decision regarding my SMARTSUITES application and future roommate. This includes possibly running a credit check. The above information is true to the best of my knowledge and I did my best to answer all of the questions completely. SMARTSUITES makes all reasonable efforts to place persons with suitable roommates, but I understand that sometimes roommates are not ideal matches. I give permission to SMARTSUITES to proceed as they deem best to find a roommate that appears qualified to meet or surpass my expectations.

We have received your application! You will hear back from us soon. Call anytime at 919.488.8504
Important:  See details above regarding making your housing application fee/deposit. Contact Student Services or your Admissions Officer with your questions. Phone: 919.488.8504

• 1 bd/1 ba:  $1,365
• 2 bd/2 ba:  $1,475-$1,655
• 3 bd/2 ba:  $1,885-$2,305
• Contact Number: (919) 372-3829 
• 11100 Beckstone Way  Raleigh, NC, 27614

0.5 miles – 3 minutes from campus
Legacy Wake Forest Apartments

• 1 bd/1 ba:  Starting at $1,550 (Call for other pricing options)
• 2 bd/2 ba:  Starting at $1,314
• 3 bd/2 ba:  Starting at $2,460
• Contact Number: (919) 424-4470
• 1421 Legacy Falls Dr, Wake Forest, NC 27587

3.2 miles – 8 minutes from campus
Aston Apartment Homes

• 1 bd/1 ba:  Starting at $1,500
• 2 bd/2 ba:  Starting at $1,670
• 3 bd/2 ba:  Starting at $2,115
• Contact Information: (984) 364-4908
• 1524 Woodfield Creek Dr, Wake Forest, NC 27587
2.2 miles – 3 minutes from campus
The Columns at Wakefield

• 1 bd/1 ba:  Starting at $1,269
• 2 bd/1 ba:  Starting at $1,723
• 3 bd/2 ba:  Starting at $2,010
• Contact Number:  (919) 899-1812
• 14114 Chriswick House Lane, Raleigh, NC, 27614

0.3 miles – 3 minutes from campus
Questions: Contact Student Services at 919.488.8500 or reach out to your Admissions Officer

Don't have transportation? Affordable Shuttle Service may be arranged for off-campus housing above.


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