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$Zero Cost Campus Explained

1. Start with below market NNN lease and FTE supplement as you begin to enroll students. Your lease rate increases in sensible steps as your programs grow.


2. Avoid hefty capital start up costs for furniture, computers, laboratory equipment, fixtures ... it's all here, and meets state approved standards.  


3. Save $$$ as floor alterations are made easy for plumbing (& other). All existing laminate and carpet tiles are simply picked up and set aside, Low tack cement makes it possible.

4. Rather own and not lease? Talk to us.

Living Arts High Point is your new fully equipped, ready to enroll, new or branch campus ... a turnkey opportunity!

The Back Story

This once thriving Allied Health branch campus at Living Arts College, High Point, North Carolina has only recently closed. As a result, the campus lease facility, fixtures and equipment is available at zero upfront cost to a worthy institution.

In late 2022, the Biden Administration attacked accreditor ACICS ... and without any authority moved to financially cripple ACICS member schools. 

Living Arts College loss is your turnkey, to a ready to operate new or branch campus facility, fixtures and course equipment ... installed and ready for use.

Check Out the

Capital Improvements
that make this property the exceptual buy for many uses 

branch campus ready

906 Mall Loop Road | High Point, North Carolina

turnkey - start enrolling now!

labs+ preset for programs

easy setup for cosmotology

online center ready


25,920 SF ... on 3.34 acres with parking+

Market Ready Location

Here is a campus setting that answers the demands of of a resident population of almost two million. This is the 6,000 square mile region known as the Piedmont Triad.

This metropolitan region is in the north-central part of the state, anchored by three cities - High Point, Winston-Salem, and Greensboro.  High Point is known for its role in hosting High Point Market, the worlds largest home furnishings trade show ... held twice annually, attracting over 100,000 to each event.

Triad, 3 City Market Opportunity!


Program Ready

Campus facility delivery ready for these programs:

+ Massage Therapy - 2 multi table treatment studios

+ Esthetic Arts - 12 chair studio + equipment
+ Medical Assisting - 2 clinical labs

+ Medical Billing & Coding
+ Medical Administration
Easy access to concrete floor routing. All laminate and carpet tile is removable through the use of low tack adhesive. Remove and replace carpet tiles after floor work.


Two Clinical Labs

Labs are fully populated

+ Equipment set plus body simulator

+ Lockable cabinet storage

+ Sink with eye wash

Classroom Ready


Massage Clinic Reception/Waiting



Cafe /Prep and food storage


Build Out Area for Online

Area opposite is preplanned for populating open suite cubicle stations for online faculty or support. 


Living Arts has developed a system of snap together cubicles that offer custom sizing, maximizing utilization of space.

Building Features that Unlock Saving


- Six new HVAC systems = Power Savings
- Multi HD Cam security recording w/remote view

- Washer/Dryer for Massage Linens

- Student Mag Lock Entry System
- In Place Servers for security, VOIP, attendance

   Note: software not included
- Roof refurbished

- Digital signage system installed
- Fifty percent lighting converted to LED
- Exterior light poles 100% converted to LED


Need Curriculum Help 

Need assistance implementing a program?

Want to convert your program to Canvas LMS?

We can help.



... about this bull poised campus opportunity?

LIVING ARTS - Roger Klietz

Phone or Text 561.379.0429

BROKER - The Chambers Group

Elliot Sheridan

Phone or Text 336-404-8768


More details here on $194,700 Capital Improvements

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